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Refrigeration matters needing attention in UPS power supply room

Refrigeration matters needing attention in UPS power supply room

The refrigeration of IT equipment room has been talked about a lot by experts, and all kinds of high-tech tactics are available. But the refrigeration of UPS room seems to have received little attention. In fact, all UPS, like IT equipment, goes down when the temperature is high. Even worse, some older UPS devices do not have alarms of excessive temperature at all. When the temperature sensors on the inverters or rectifiers reach the alarm threshold, they shut down directly.

What should the refrigeration of UPS power supply room pay attention to?

1. The total refrigeration capacity of UPS power supply room. The calculation of total refrigeration capacity is basically the same as that of IT equipment room. The heat dissipation, lighting load, ventilation load, structural heat load and so on of UPS equipment room are taken into account. Among them, the heat dissipation of UPS equipment should be considered according to the specific conditions of different equipment.

2. The position of inlet and outlet of UPS power supply equipment. I have seen UPS equipment mainly in the front panel of the equipment in the middle of the air intake, air outflow. Therefore, in the UPS engine room, whether the use of Up-air or down-air precision air conditioning has a little bit of incompetence (of course, there are also VRV air conditioning). This needs to be considered in the layout of the problem, such as if the air conditioning is very close to UPS, then the central position of the UPS air intake will be affected.

3. Placement of air conditioning equipment. Because UPS computer room is not as neat as IT equipment room, the most fundamental reason may be that there are many kinds of equipment in UPS computer room, and the size is not the same. Therefore, when installing the air conditioner, it is necessary to pay attention to leaving the outlet or return air outlet only in the position of the passage. Don't blow the wind on the distribution cabinet. It has been blown directly before. When the humidity is high, the distribution cabinet will dew.


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