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Repair Scheme of Keshida Maintenance-free Lead-acid Battery

Repair Scheme of Keshida Maintenance-free Lead-acid Battery

At present, maintenance-free batteries have been widely used. However, some of the batteries are designed and used for a short period of time. Especially the small capacity batteries under 50AH used in electric vehicles have a very high damage rate. The reasons for the extremely short service life are the potential reasons of the manufacturer and the improper use of the users themselves.

Battery damage performance: mainly after overheating, shell bulging and use of electrolyte for more than two years will appear varying degrees of drying up, not charged, even if charged, it will also use a few hours, especially in winter, this situation is more prominent, resulting in a large number of battery scrap.

In response to this situation, a person in the industry analyzed more than a dozen batteries of different sizes and capacities, and finally determined the real cause of damage, and made corresponding improvements in maintenance. At present, the following two improvement schemes are being tried out for users to choose according to their actual use.

Costa Battery Maintenance Scheme 1:

For batteries with intact shells, no broken cells, not fully charged batteries (not durable). Replenishment fluid can be used to remedy maintenance. Extend the life of the battery. The special liquids for maintenance-free batteries of electric vehicles (distilled water + resuscitation) prepared in proportion are used.

This insider has also read many related articles, and feels that one of the most important problems in these articles is that they only introduce how to add the supplement fluid, but do not analyze the cause of the failure. In this way, failure can not be eradicated without treatment. Many batteries are bulging after filling up the supplement solution, and some batteries are misadded or broken, even more serious, the battery will burst and so on. For the problems of bulging and bursting of battery shell, after analysis, the main reason is that the vent air guide groove is too shallow, which results in dust blockage at the vent of the protective cover. The rubber cap on the vent is aging for a period of time during the use of the battery, and reduces its elasticity. As a result, the temperature and pressure generated in the case of high ambient temperature or long charging time can not be exhausted in time. Decompression, the shell will bulge up in a long time, and some may burst.

To solve this problem, the improvement method of this insider is actually very simple, that is, to increase the air duct of the exhaust outlet. From a security and economic point of view, it is feasible. The method is to cut the exhaust port into a V-groove with a paper cutter, the length of which is equal to the length of the rubber cap. The exhaust holes on the protective cover should also be opened. Although this will quickly lose some of the supplementary fluid, it can quickly reduce the pressure in the battery shell and prevent the shell from bulging and bursting.

Costa Battery Scheme II:

While repairing these maintenance-free batteries, the insider came up with a new idea, that is, to make an innovative experiment using the existing materials at hand. The main purpose of the experiment is to solve the problem of electrolyte drying up. Because this friend often uses high voltage transformer oil. The oil has good thermal conductivity, high voltage resistance and high ignition point. It is mainly used in power transformers, medical X-ray machines and other equipment for heat dissipation.

For maintenance-free batteries filled with transformer oil, mainly for upright use environment, such as 12AH, 20AH, 32AH, 45AH batteries, as well as several X-ray machines and UPS power supply replaced by electrolyte dried up batteries. Specific experimental method is as follows: according to the degree of electrolyte drying up, according to the proportion of 5:3:2, first add 30% distilled water, then add 20% supplementary liquid. If the drying is more serious, you can adjust the proportion of distilled water and supplementary liquid, add 20% distilled water and 30% supplementary liquid. For batteries that have been used for about two years, 50% distilled water and 50% transformer oil can be added directly without supplementary solution.

Finally, about 50% transformer oil is added. The amount of transformer oil filling should be observed through the exhaust hole filling at the same time until all the electrode plates are soaked in the liquid. The amount of electrolyte in each kind of battery is different, and the appropriate amount of liquid should be added according to the amount of electrolyte missing in the battery.


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