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Installation and layout of UPS batteries in Costa:

Here we share with you the ways and means of installing and laying out the UPS batteries in Costa.

I. The Bearing Problem of Buildings

1. Bearing not only takes into account the weight of storage battery, but also the weight of UPS power supply, fire cylinder, rack and so on. It must comply with the national design specifications. If the UPS power supply and batteries are damaged due to insufficient load-bearing, we can imagine the consequences of the building falling from the 10th floor to the bottom floor.

2. For large UPS (especially power frequency machines), UPS rooms and battery rooms are best designed at the bottom of the building.

2. Battery rack layout in battery room

Reserve space for maintenance personnel to test battery around battery rack. According to the requirements of GB51194-2016, the aisle or maintenance space around vertical battery set is not less than 80CM, and the aisle or maintenance space around horizontal battery set is not less than 100CM.

3. Layout of Batteries in Battery Frames

1. Batteries should be installed vertically on the side of the battery rack, with the electrodes (terminals) on the same side facing outward (if the batteries are pitch-shaped from above, the principle of convenient wiring and maintenance);

2. The side support should be installed on both sides of the battery rack. If there are multiple battery racks, the side support of the same layer between the battery racks should be installed outward to form a straight line so as to dismantle the side support and pull out any battery flexibly from the side.

case analysis

Installation of the battery is vertical to the side brace, but the side brace does not form a line outward, but can not be disassembled side brace outward installation. This installation method has a lot of drawbacks. If you want to replace a battery in a red solid wire box, you need to remove all the batteries in the upper layer of the group (including the load-bearing cross brace held by the upper battery), which is time-consuming, laborious and unsafe.


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