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Configuration and Selection of Batteries in Corstal UPS Power Supply System

Configuration and Selection of Batteries in Corstal UPS Power Supply System

1. Selection of rated capacity of Kosta UPS battery

Because the actual usable capacity of storage battery is closely related to discharge current, system voltage, discharge time, working environment temperature of storage battery, storage time of storage battery, load type and characteristics. The capacity of the battery generally refers to the power output (W) of the battery when the discharge rate reaches 1.75V/cell at 20 C for 20 hours.

2. Index Selection of UPS Batteries in Costa

Internal resistance: Batteries with small internal resistance should be selected so as to sustain high current discharge. If the internal resistance is large, the power consumption increases during charging and discharging, which makes the battery hot.

Floating charge voltage: At the same temperature, the high floating charge voltage means that the storage energy is large, and the floating charge voltage of poor quality battery is generally small. The floating charge voltage of storage battery should be corrected at different temperatures.

2V single-system batteries are used in large and medium-sized UPS (several kilowatt-hour A-several thousand kilowatt-hour A), avoiding the use of small-capacity combined batteries for parallel connection.


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