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  • Case Study of Changsha Subway in Costa
Case Study of Changsha Subway in Costa

Case Study of Changsha Subway in Costa

Customer introduction

Changsha Rail Transit Line 4 (LINE font Line 4 Phase I) is a 33.5 km long line from Canziling Station to Dujiaping Station, with an average station spacing of 1.38 km and 25 stations; Xingcheng depot is located in the north side of Changsha West Station of Shichang Railway and south of the North Third Ring Road; Huanglang parking lot is located on the east side of Huangxing depot of Line 2; and two main substations are set up (Xianjiahu and swimming center respectively). Sharing and utilizing Duhua Road Control Center of Line 2 with Line 1, 2, 3 and 5. After that, Line 4 will have Phase II (West Extension Line and East Extension Line). From Lianjiang Road in Wangcheng District, northwest of the city, to Songgongtang Road in Huangxing Town, southeast of the city, the total length is 56 kilometers. There are 35 stations, including 11 transfer stations for metro lines and 3 transfer stations for Intercity railways. Phase I of Line 4 started construction on December 31, 2014, and strives to complete commissioning in mid-2019.


Urban rail transit project is a large-scale municipal project with large investment, multi-system, long period and high standard. There are very high requirements for the technical strength, product quality, guarantee system, professional level and market reputation of the participating units. As an energy security system of communication system, communication power supply system is connected with more than ten internal and external subsystems, and as a pre-condition and structural support system for the operation of other subsystems, the participating units must have strong joint design ability, flexible system configuration and solution ability, and the ability to solve unexpected problems. In this project, as a direct supplier of communication power supply system, Kosta provides an integrated power supply system solution including UPS, high frequency switching power supply, distribution cabinet (box), storage battery and power centralized network management system for 25 stations, depots, parking lots and control centers. Ensure the stable operation of the communication system.

Customer value

Efficient customization: Different from standardized single-product power supply, our company provides high-standard customization services for rail industry customers to ensure that high-quality single-product through a more reasonable structure to achieve high-quality whole-system products. One-stop service: from the beginning of bidding to the end of completion acceptance. Our company provides end-to-end product services. From project management to process management, quality management, process management, node cycle management. Make every effort to satisfy the users, to be a responsible participant in the construction unit, and to build a quality project that will reassure the people of the city.

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