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  • Case Study of Kosta Rural Credit Cooperative
Case Study of Kosta Rural Credit Cooperative

Case Study of Kosta Rural Credit Cooperative

Customer introduction

The Inner Mongolia Rural Credit Cooperatives Association (hereinafter referred to as the Autonomous Region Association) was established in August 2005 and approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission. It is a local financial enterprise (main office level) initiated by 93 rural cooperative financial institutions in Qixian County of Inner Mongolia. It represents the autonomous region government to undertake the management, guidance, coordination and service of the rural credit cooperatives in the whole region. Service function. By the end of September 2012, there were 93 county-level legal person organizations in rural credit cooperatives in the whole region, including 81 unified legal person associations, 5 rural cooperative banks and 7 rural commercial banks; 2276 institutional outlets with a total of 27061 employees; 213.5 billion yuan in deposits, 162.1 billion yuan in loans and 302 billion yuan in assets, the largest number of institutional outlets in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the largest coverage of services. Financial institutions with the largest assets.

Business challenges

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is a vast region with many rural credit cooperatives, covering 11 alliance cities in the whole region. The corporate governance structure is dominated by independent rural credit cooperatives. As an important financial force in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Agricultural Credit of Inner Mongolia not only has the conditions to compete with other commercial banks in urban areas, but also monopolizes the vast land of rural pastoral areas. It has become a financial link connecting farmers and herdsmen, and is also the main force of rural finance under the new situation.

In order to standardize the construction standard of data room of legal person organizations at county level in Inner Mongolia Rural Credit Cooperatives, guard against the risk of information technology and ensure the safe and stable operation of information system, the Autonomous Region Associated Press, in light of the actual situation of legal person organizations at county level in Inner Mongolia, puts forward "Inner Rural Credit Cooperatives Union of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the issue of banner county level" in view of the new construction or transformation of data room. Notice of the Code for the Construction of Data Computer Room of Legal Person Institutions. The requirements of power supply and distribution system, cabinet equipment, moving ring monitoring and integrated management are standardized.


Based on the application environment and actual demand of the gathering machine room and network of the Rural Credit Cooperatives in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Kosta has put forward professional solutions for users, provided IDU single-row intelligent micro-module solutions, integrated the cabinet, monitoring, power supply and distribution, storage battery, row-level refrigeration, wiring and management infrastructure, and supported flexible deployment of single-row closed cooling channels. Supporting the modularization of battery products with built-in/built-in and product solutions to meet the requirements of the Rural Credit Union of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Application scenario

The total power of single module is designed to be 10KVA/20KVA. Standardized side air supply for row-level air conditioning, 5.5KW/7.5KW/12.5KW for air conditioning cooling capacity, DC frequency conversion technology, high efficiency and energy saving. IT equipment cabinet configuration 1 to 8 sides, intelligent room overall monitoring, host support B/S architecture, anytime, anywhere access, a variety of police reporting, support remote management. The machine room area is less than 50 square meters. The small and medium-sized gathering machine room of the Rural Credit Cooperative of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region adopts the single-row intelligent micro-module product of Kosta IDU, which completely eliminates the worries of users, prolongs the standby delay of uninterrupted power supply and guarantees the security of financial business.

Customer value

Easy to use

Standardized components, standardized architecture, rapid installation and deployment; product prefabrication, plug and play, without complex settings; unified monitoring, intelligent management, mobile operation and maintenance, simple and easy;

High efficiency and energy saving

Efficient modular UPS can achieve flexible configuration; sealed channel design, near-end refrigeration, full use of cooling capacity, cold and hot air separation, eliminate local hot spots; row-level air conditioning refrigeration, shorten the refrigeration path, the overall PUE module reaches 1.5.


Fully enclosed micro-environment, small dependence on the surrounding environment, dust and noise prevention, life cycle extension 1-2 times; key equipment N+1/2N design, to maximize the guarantee of stable operation.

intelligent management

Centralized dynamic ring monitoring system, real-time monitoring of the operating status of the computer room, electricity, temperature and humidity; powerful alarm processing function, telephone alarm, sound and light alarm; 365 days X24 hours unattended.

Customer returns

IDU single-row smart micro-module solution has laid a solid foundation for the security of the convergence machine room and network power supply system of the Rural Credit Cooperatives of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, saved the operating electricity cost greatly for users, fundamentally realized unattended, built a highly secure power supply system, and obtained the high evaluation of users for the standardized micro-module equipment of Costa. Keshida will continue to help the rural credit cooperatives of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region take off.

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