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  • GP800 series
GP800 series

GP800 series

  • 输入电压范围(Vac):150~310(AVR)
  • 输出电压(Vac):220±0.5%或230±0.5%
  • 相数: 单相三线(L+N+PE)
  • 电池电压(Vdc):48(4节);192(16节)
  • Product description: The GP800 series UPS of Costa UPS power supply can provide users with stable power environment and reliable power protection for data centers and key loads to meet the high reliability requirements of
Core selling points of products
1. High reliability, more than 200,000 sets in the market.
2. Power grid has strong adaptability and is suitable for areas with large fluctuation of power grid.
3. Strong carrying capacity, suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, suitable for all kinds of loads.
4. The highest efficiency of the inverters is 93.5% using patented technology, which is higher than similar products of the same industry.
5. Self-contained DC cold start device.
6. Intelligent battery management technology, three-stage charging mode, self-checking function of battery cycle.
7. The products are certified by TEL, energy saving, CE, TUV, UL, seismic and other related certificates.
technical parameter
Model GP801 GP802 GP803 GP804 GP806 GP808 GP810 GP812 GP815 GP820
Rated capacity (KVA/KW) 1/0.8 2/1.63/2.4/3.2 6/4.8/6.4 10/8 12/9.6 15/12 20/16
Main road input specification
Rated Input Voltage (Vac) 220 or 230
Input Voltage Range (Vac) 150-310 (AVR)
Phase-Number Single-Phase Three-Line (L+N+PE)
Input frequency range (Hz) 50/60+10%
Input power factor > 0.97 (plus filter)
Bypass input specifications
Rated Input Voltage (Vac) 220 or 230
Input Voltage Range (Vac) 170~270
Phase Number Single Phase Three Lines (L+N)
Bypass Synchronized Tracking Van (Hz) 50/60+5%
Output specification
Voltage (Vac) 220 (+0.5%) or 230 (+0.5%)
Output power factor 0.8
Frequency (Hz) 50/60+5%
Waveform sinusoidal THDV < 2% (100% linear load)
Switching time (ms)0
The efficiency of the whole machine is more than 85% and 92%.
Overload capacity load < 125%, 10 min; < 150%, 200 ms
Battery Voltage (Vdc) 48 (4 sections); 192 (16 sections) 192 (16 sections)
Environmental Science
Operating temperature (?) 0~40
Storage Temperature (?) - 25-55 (No Battery)
Relative humidity 0-95%(no condensation)
When working altitude is less than 1500 m and exceeds 1500 m, the quota shall be reduced according to GB/T 3859.2.
Noise (dB) <55
Other functions
Alarm function output overload, abnormal power supply, UPS fault, battery undervoltage and other alarm functions
Protection function output short circuit, overload, overtemperature, battery undervoltage, output overvoltage
Communication Function Dry Contact (optional), RS232 Communication Interface, SNMP Network Interface (optional)
mechanical properties
Net weight (S/H) kg 80/45 85/50 99/54 102/57 108/63 92 100 125 180 200
Dimension (W*D*H) mm 250*500*635 305*585*864 409*798*1044
Implementation Standard YD/T 1095-2008