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  • YDC3300 Series
  • YDC3300 Series
  • YDC3300 Series
YDC3300 SeriesYDC3300 SeriesYDC3300 Series

YDC3300 Series

  • Rated power: 10KVA-80KVA
  • Input voltage: 380/400/415
  • Output voltage: 380/400/415+1%
  • Battery Voltage 16-20 and 32-40 are optional
  • Product description: The domestic UPS of Costa ranks first in domestic brand sales for seventeen consecutive years with the industry leading sales advantage. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, Kosta ranked first in domestic brand sa
YDC3300 Series of Corstal UPS Power Supply
Three-in-three-out high-frequency on-line; power range: 10KA-200KA
Core features of products
Working mode
On-line Design of Double Transform
Input Power Factor Correction (PFC) technology, input power factor up to 0.99
Parallel Redundancy Function
No parallel cabinet, direct parallel machine, 10 ~ 40 KVA, 80 KVA can be 4 parallel, 50 KVA, 60 KVA, 100 ~ 200 KVA can be 6 parallel.
Battery packs can be shared in parallel
Optional number of external batteries
10-30KVA battery knots 16-20 are optional
40 KVA, 80 KVA battery knots 32-40 can be selected
50-60 KVA, 100-200 KVA battery units 30-50 can be selected
Intelligent Charging Management
Users can set charging current, constant current, constant voltage and floating charge three-stage automatic smooth switching of charging management
LBS Synchronization Function
The 50-200 KVA machine has LBS synchronization function to meet the power supply demand of Class A computer room.
Double input
50~200KVA Standardized Double Input
Optional dual input for 10~40KVA
LED+LCD Double Display
Maintenance bypass
Standard machine or long delay machine with repair bypass switch
Emergency shutdown function
Emergency shutdown of EPO standard equipment
Output Load Capacity
Output can be completely unbalanced load
intelligent management
USB/RS232/RS485 Communication Interface
Parallel Computer Interface and LBS Interface (50-200 KVA)
SNMP adapter (optional)
Relay card (optional)
Technical parameters: